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Paul Whatley, a Charleston-based professional who built a successful career in the automotive industry over the course of 30+ years, founded Dane Allen Properties to pursue his interests in real estate. He now manages operations for the company, which include purchases, renovations, and resales of residential properties. Paul collaborates with contractors and subcontractors who essentially gut high-potential homes and rebuild them to achieve the quality they are truly capable of, all while taking advantage of their idyllic locations throughout the Charleston area.

Paul, who is the main investor in Dane Allen Properties, has overseen numerous extensive and large-scale projects, many of which are for higher-end waterfront properties in places like Mount Pleasant and Isle of Palms. He is proud to assist in transforming homes and make them more marketable and appealing to residents. He is also interested in expanding into commercial properties throughout the area.

Although Paul Whatley grew up in an automotive family and embraced the industry from an early age, he also bought his first foreclosed property the year that he graduated from college. He has always had a passion for real estate and since his retirement from the automotive industry he has taken a renewed interest in it. He has learned that real estate and home flipping provides unparalleled opportunities to take something that is negative or underwhelming and turn it into something special. It allows Paul to explore his creative side and reimagine what properties can someday be– and then actually make it happen.

Why Charleston?


Charleston, South Carolina is one of the fastest-growing regions in the United States. Mount Pleasant has earned a spot in the top ten fastest-growing cities.


New industries are beginning to thrive in the area and major names like Boeing and Mercedes are now calling Charleston home.


The city was also ranked number one by Conde Nast in a list of the best American destinations to visit.

This area is prime for real estate in general as well as for the improvement of properties in which people can comfortably live. Paul Whatley has had a home in Charleston, South Carolina since 2000 and has witnessed the city’s growth firsthand. He cherishes his opportunity to play a part in improving properties throughout the city and help it flourish even more. Keep up with this website to get Paul’s insights on real estate and home flipping in the area.